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Quinn & Associates is a long established supply chain partner of world leaders in automotive production.


Our mission is to be our customer’s relied upon resource for design and supply support.  Partnering with Quinn & Associates ensures your procurement process will be handled smoothly, professionally and efficiently, from concept to production.


With a global network of accredited manufacturers, our customers benefit from the best  possible quality, production reliability, and design as well as a range of pricing, FOB locations, and lead time options. 


Having a single point of contact for quality control, issue tracking, engineering support, billing and shipping is especially valuable during busy product design and launch stages when multiple parts and commodities, or sub-assemblies are involved. 

Quinn & Associates takes initial concepts to full production with the support of our large supplier network.  With a focus on engineering, we help our customers design and re-design product that is higher performing, lighter, easier and lower in cost to produce.

Whether you source a single part or a large assembly with us, you're not placing an order you're gaining a full-service partner.   

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